SCHOOL (Parents' Advice)
This template has a range of uses in education settings, to help create a more comprehensive picture of a child or young person, including their hobbies and talents. It is ideal for recording the information requested from parents (known as Parents Advice) by the Local Authority when they are carrying out a statutory assessment of special educational needs (SEN) including the new Education, Care and Health Plans in England, for their son or daughter or for writing one-page profiles.
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The purpose of this template is to capture all the information necessary to provide for a child/young person should a situation arise whereby their main carer is unexpectedly not available e.g. taken ill, admitted to hospital etc. This will only need to be implemented if such an emergency arises and so will hopefully never be needed but will act as an insurance policy and provide peace of mind to all of those involved.
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RESPITE (child/young person)
This template is suitable to use for someone (child or adult) going into respite care for a few hours a week on a regular basis, overnight, 2 weeks or longer. It will serve to ensure that the respite placement is successful for the client, their family and the respite providers, meaning it can be repeated again.
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Minutes template
For taking minutes at any meeting. A much more logical approach for taking minutes by longhand even if you are not regular minute taker. The main advantage of using this template though is when discussions jump from topic to topic or are dealt with out of sequence, you can still slot the information in at the right place.
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This template has been designed to use with parents/carers across all Children’s Services, by both providers and commissioners.
The template is intended to address the following question:
“Are the opportunities, services and interventions currently being made available to children with additional needs and their families living in the community that we serve, providing them with the necessary skills and tools, they (as individuals) will need, that will enable them to build and live their future to the best of their ability?”
By identifying unmet needs and unfulfilled goals, it means services can be better targeted now avoiding escalating costs in the future.

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Early Years (baby or toddler)

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Early Years Additional Needs

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Early Years Assessment
This template could be used in a mainstream or specialised provision. It is intended for use by Early Years Professionals when gaining information from parent or main carer to assist in providing an accurate baseline assessment, particularly if the child has identified additional needs, with or without a diagnosis, or there are concerns about their development or progress. The report it generates should be used alongside other professional reports, to help decide on or identify, specialist interventions or programmes that could be appropriate to enable the child to make progress and/or access activities they currently are unable to.
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Parent's Input to EHCP
This template has a range of uses to help create a more comprehensive picture of a child or young person, including their hobbies and talents. It is ideally suited to the new Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP), generating a document for parents to share, supporting the principle of parents only needing to “Tell it Once”. It is enables the parents to complete Section A and making a valuable contribution to the whole process including writing one-page profiles.
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