Getting Started
Depending on the type of organisation you are, or are a part of, will determine which purchase plan suits you best. If you are for example from a Parent Partnership Service you would probably only need the single template option i.e. School (Parent's Advice) but if you are from a Social Care dept or a large charity providing a range of support or services, you might prefer to choose the 3 different template option. Payment is made by debit or credit card via Google Wallet. The templates will be available for instant use. If you need to pay by invoice, please send an email to: requesting for this to happen. Once your enquiry has been received and approved the templates will be available to you. This may take up to 24 hours.

Using the Templates
The license to use the templates is quite flexible allowing anyone working within that service to log on using their service email address, on any computer with internet access, so it is not restricted to an individual person or a particular computer.

Once you have made the purchase you have up to 12 months to use them. You allocate each template, as you go, to your different clients and can revisit the template as many times as necessary until you are satisfied with it.
Only when you click on the 'Finish and Build Report' button is the template spent i.e. you cannot revisit that particular one again. The report document is then generated as a RTF document and can be downloaded to your computer e.g. as a Word document. At this point it will be available off line for you to edit and share according to your requirements.

The website has all the necessary systems in place to enable your information to be safely stored. Confidentiality is an absolute priority.

Training to use this is minimal (2 hours approx) if you have a basic understanding of Person Centred Approaches (PCA), or 1 day training to include an introduction to PCA. Training can be provided at a location close to you. As with most things, the more you use it the more familiar and quicker you will be at using it.
Download example report.

The Process

Requires the use of a PC or laptop with internet connection.

The operator logs on having previously registered and set up an account.

Once in the "subscribers only" area of the Voice-Clouds website the operator opens the template from the menu that they have purchased and require.

It is a mind map with different headings.

Each heading of the mindmap e.g. "Family Relationships" has 2 boxes one providing guidance and prompts on what sort of information is recorded in this section (you cannot write in this one). The operator writes the clients responses in the other box attached to it.
When completed, or at the end of the session, the operator saves their work. (This can only be saved on the website and cannot be downloaded at this stage)

Once the mindmap has been finished and saved, you click on the button "Finish and Build Report" and it converts your notes (but not the guidance) to a Rich Text Format (RTF) document.

It now looks like a conventional written document with all the recorded information on about 2 or maximum of 3 pages.

The operator can now download and save this to their own computer and edit and share it accordingly.

Sample Mindmap (for illustrative purposes only)

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