What is Voice-Clouds?

Have you ever needed to help someone share vital information about the needs of a child, young person or older person (the client) when dealing with professionals from social care, education or health? Or as a professional, have you ever needed to gather that information? If so, and the client has specific or additional needs of any sort and/or they are going to be in a setting outside their usual environment, or away from their usual family or carers, you need Voice-Clouds. It does not matter if it's for a few hours each day (which might be at school), or a day, a week, a month (which might be for respite) or on a more permanent basis (which might involve moving into a residential setting or into care) any situation like this means there will be a need for information sharing. Traditionally this has involved some type of assessment and the completion of detailed forms. Information gained in this way may provide information about all of the things the client cannot do and what is required to support them, though some details, for example, about medication, must always be provided by the doctors or other health professionals involved. But does this method tell the full or even the right story? To provide the fullest picture you need Voice-Clouds. The format of Voice-Clouds is simple and it avoids the need for questionnaires or forms to be completed. Voice-Clouds only records relevant information for each client. You do not need to complete repetitive questions. Instead the person using the template just needs to have a helpful and productive conversation - ideally with the client - but if they are unable to communicate independently, with their family members or those who know them best. It is always led by the client and/or their family focussing on what they need now and in the future. It enables them to be involved in planning their lives, work towards their goals and identify the support they need to achieve them. This information is simply slotted in to the appropriate part of the Voice-Clouds template which covers areas such as communication, independence, physical needs and capabilities, emotions, interests and hobbies, hopes and ambitions, sensory issues etc. And there's no requirement to ask pointless, insensitive or irrelevant questions. This is the piece of the picture that will enable them to still live their life with their hopes and dignity in tact.

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Rosemary Kew, Founder

About Rosemary

Rosemary Kew has over 25 years of extensive experience working with adults, children and their families covering a range of disabilities including learning difficulties, mental health, sensory, physical needs. Rosemary's roles have been across all sectors private, voluntary and public. She strongly believes in the importance of allowing everyone to be known and recognised for their worth, and valued and respected for who they really are. She promotes this belief throughout everything she does. During this time Rosemary has successfully set up and established 3 different 'needs led' services all of them based on Person Centred principles, even though initially she didn't know that it was called Person Centred, it just seemed the most natural, logical and sensible approach to her i.e. treating people as people and capitalising on their strengths and interests to help them overcome any difficulties they might have. In addition to this she also set up and successfully chaired a charity and support group. Since 2014 Rosemary has been working as an associate of the Council for Disabled Children mainly delivering training and consultancy on C&FA 2014 to those providing support services to families of children with SEND.

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