Voice-Clouds is a simple, tested and highly effective way for education, care or health professionals from any sector, to record key information e.g. that which is identified as "important to" and "important for" a client who has additional or specific needs, with the assistance of their family or those who know them best. It’s the tiny detail that Voice-clouds unearths that makes it different. Voice-Clouds is especially relevant when the client is unable to reliably, or consistently, articulate what their needs or views might be to others. Anyone who doesn’t have conventional communication, still has the same needs in the same detail, or possibly greater detail in many cases, and this information must still be gained if they are to have as fulfilling a life as possible.

Voice-Clouds is about delivering a fulfilled and happy life. It is not about systems or processes. This means it is not affected by any change of government or an overhaul of services. The information it identifies will always be relevant. Having said that, Voice-clouds is perfect for addressing and simplifying the new ways of assessing and working arising from the Children and Families Act (March 2014) and the Care and Support Bill in England, and similar reform taking place in Wales.

Voice-Clouds reflects the hopes or aspirations of the client and includes details of the sort of things that can make a difference to their day. It identifies their strengths and the things they enjoy doing most. It also acknowledges what's already working and explores ways to make that happen more. When necessary it explains how the world makes sense to them, enabling those around them to gain some insight into how they might be feeling or what they might want to do. It also includes how they can begin or continue to take their place in their community and society.

Having this information makes it possible for providers and supporters to better enable the client, to lead as fulfilling and meaningful life with dignity as they are able.
To capture the information Voice-Clouds follows a person centred approach, which has a basic aim of improving the quality of life, rather than allocating a service which may not be a good match but is all that is available.

Voice-Clouds uses mind mapping templates. The information is obtained as the member of staff is guided by the template through a helpful and productive conversation with the client if they are able, or their family/carers if not.

Key information is slotted into the appropriate part of the mindmap. Once completed, at the touch of a button it converts the template into a rich text format document e.g. Word.

There are no lengthy questionnaires or forms. No repetitive and irrelevant questions. Just what is needed to make the difference between the client having a good day and a bad day. And the satisfaction of knowing your service has helped achieve this.

Voice-clouds also offers a range of additional training which doesn't involve the templates but does include topics such as Service Development or Evaluation, Developing Needs Led Services, Person Centred and Solution Focussed approaches, Empowering Parents of Children With Additional Needs, Developing Empathy etc. Please click on the Training tab above for more information.

Voice-clouds Mediation Service is based on Person Centred Approaches. It is set up to meet the statutory requirement for Local Authorities in England and Wales to offer mediation to parents of children with special educational needs who wish to take their appeal to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal (SENDisT). Please click on the Mediation tab above for more information and to find out how it differs from other models of mediation.

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